Marlins Find Themselves Home Alone Preaching Patience to the Empty Seats

Via the New York Times

by Tyler Kepner

Why should we be PATIENT we’ve been PATIENT for 20 years now!!!!!

The whole reason everyone looked the other way when the county of Dade made the worst deal in the history of publicly financed stadiums was because we were sick of being PATIENT and wanted QUALITY  BASEBALL down here year in and year out.

Getting rid of overpriced bumbs is one thing, running the entire roster at 35 million where Ricky Nolasco makes 11.5 million of it is another.

Jeff Loria can take his PATIENTS and shove it.

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Get Your F Jeff Shirt Today!

Well, it’s a little bit past the 1 week anniversary from our unbelievable night at Marlins Park  and the Rage Against the Marlins team has been able to finalize the details on our first t-shirt release (now available online) for our interested supporters:


Orders will begin shipping on Monday April 22nd.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!

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Sincerely, The Fans

This letter was submitted by LauderdaleLocal on our Fan Forum where you can Post Your Own Rage.


It’s no secret that your open letter has been poorly received by both the media and the fans of the Miami Marlins. Your statements to the media since you deigned to speak publicly regarding the team that you own do not fit into the context of the actions you have taken in your time as the owner of the Miami Marlins. I think it would behoove you to consider these issued and adjust your talking points (or better yet your actions and strategy) accordingly.

You said that “losing is unacceptable,” and that the trade to the Toronto Blue Jays will make the team better. Claiming that the trade being approved by Commission Bud Selig somehow validates the trade rings hollow. No trade has been voided by the Commissioner since 1976. Praise for the trade has been mostly on the side of the Blue Jays for almost instantly becoming a contender in the AL East while not surrendering one of their top 4 prospects. While it is true that the Marlins’ minor league system improved with the deal, The top 5 name on that list are familiar: Jose Fernandez,Christian Yelich, Justin Nicolino, Marcell Ozuna, andAndrew Heaney. All of those player (save Nicolino) were part of the organization prior to the Blue Jays trade.
You said that “We didn’t break up the 1927 Yankees,” and that’s true. The Marlins were picked to contend for the playoffs, and they fell woefully short of that mark. The missing element, however, is that those response for the failure of the 2012 Marlins were not affected by the trade. If you look at the player who had the most negative impact on the 2012 Marlins, you find that they were either off the team already (Heath Bell, Gaby Sanchez, Carlos Lee, Hanley Ramirez) or still remain with the organization (Bryan Petersen, Chris Coghlan, Greg Dobbs, Gorkys Hernandez). The one negative asset that was included in the trade (John Buck) was already demoted to the back-up role, minimizing his ability to hurt the team.
You object to the term “fire sale,” but the only players that actually provided positive benefits on the field are on different teams, save for the ones who are earning at or around league minimum salaries. If Gorkys Hernandez deserves a chance to make the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Marlins a better team then by what measure does Jose Reyes or Mark Buerhle not?

I am going to skip over the ball park issue, as the blame (if one does choose to assess blame) belongs to the elected officials of Miami. Their obligation is to protect the interests of the residents of Miami, yours is to the interests of the Marlins baseball club. I can only wish that you were as diligent in protecting those interests in terms of the actual team that plays those games.

Saying that the Marlins do not have “unlimited funds,” while technically true, speaks to a lack of understanding your position in the eyes of your fans. The Marlins’ opening day payroll from 2002-2011 was a combined $410.1 million, the lowest in baseball. The reason for this, according to you and your ownership regime, was that you cannot afford to sustain even the meager payrolls of the 2003-2005 teams. You claimed that the situation with Sun Life stadium prevented you from expanding the talent pool via free agency, or even maintaining fan favorite players like Miguel Cabrera. Meanwhile, business publications like Forbes Magazine reported that you had earned nearly $200 million in profits, and Deadspin revealed that you had supplemented that with payments Double Play Company, a shell organization run by you and David Samson.
Fans remember these things. They know that you’ve been dishonest about the business aspect of the team previously, and they can see that revenue of all of Major League Baseball has increased. They see larger national TV contracts and expanded merchandise sales, they see the Marlins have a new stadium where you pocket every ticket, concession, parking and advertising dollar, and they see fans turn out in numbers not seen since the inaugural season… and they hear you claim that you lost “tens of millions of dollars.” There’s a chasm between what you are saying, and what can be independently verified. Unless you are willing to provide evidence of this (and I’m not suggesting that you should), it’s your word against the rest of the world, and you’ve lost the benefit of the doubt.
Should one find themselves charitable enough to believe that the Marlins lost money this year, and to disregard the hundreds of millions earned in the previous nine seasons, you would find them hard pressed to justify cost cutting measures as harsh as the ones demonstrated in the infamous Blue Jays trade. Falling roughly 20% short of projections (or 40% based on Sampson’s “turnstile” figure) would not necessitate a 60-70% reduction in team payroll, especially considering that the stadium has a much stronger revenue flow than what was available in Sun Life Stadium.

The heart of the issue lies in a lack of credibility. You say that losing is unacceptable, but you continue to turn over the rosters. You say that fan outrage is limited to the media and a “few crazy phone calls,” but then gloss over the abuse and vitriol absorbed by those who maintain your social media pages in favor of “20 or 30 people” at some food and wine festival. You say that you trust your “baseball people” when they have failed to build a single playoff team in the wake of trading away the core that John Henry and Dave Dombrowski built. Ozzie Guillen and Joe Girardi lose their jobs after a one bad season, but Larry Beinfest and Michael Hill still have jobs after having 0 of their previous 14 first round picks become contributing Major League players and executing arguably the worst trade in Major League history.
You can say that you want to run a successful Major League franchise all you want, but your actions speak far more loudly, and they speak to a far more cynical motivation for maintaining ownership. You can point to the World Series that the Marlins won in 2012, but your track record since then speaks for a far dimmer future for the franchise. What credibility that you’ve earned has been spent, and you cannot continue to make the same decisions and expect different results.

The fans

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Marlins Lone Bright Spot Brings Up Questions About What Could Have Been

If there is a lone bright spot to the start of this dismal 2013 Marlins campaign it would have to be the sensational 20 year old rookie starting pitcher Jose Fernandez.  What would make his initial success even more encouraging for Marlins fans would be if this lone bright spot actually came from one of the trades, that purged all of teams superstar talent last year, but unfortunately no dice folks he was signed out of high school in the first round of the 2011 major league draft.  The good news being it finally looks like Larry Beinfest chose a draft pick that will stick.

Regardless of how the team got him, his immediate success brings up an unfortunate hypothetical.  What if the Marlins hadn’t purged their entire roster last year?  What if they had only gotten rid of some of the dead weight, and reinvested that money wisely?  What if they had a John Buck tearing up the league like he currently is right now?  What if they had a Jose Reyes without a blown up ankle?  And a Josh Johnson, and a Mark Buehrle, and a Anibal Sanchez, and a Omar Infante, and a Emilio Bonifacio?  What if they had a Hanley Ramirez coming back in addition to a Logan Morrison coming back?  What if they had a real offense, and a real major league rotation all settling in to a ballpark that they were finally comfortable with?  This line of thinking then leads one to a more interesting question of what if Jose Fernandez was currently where he should be in this stage of his development, in AA ball lighting it up?  Could he have been a mid season call up that solidified an already stellar rotation?  Could he have been the next Dontrelle Willis of this era, propelling Miami Baseball to a successful season, and a new legitimate future?

Unfortunately all that’s Speculation Fubar at this point in time.  Those with little vision pulled the plug way too early, and professional baseball in South Florida  has been irrevocably changed forever because of it.

The saddest thing is I was really feeling everything they were trying to do with the New Stadium, the New Look, the New Manager, the New Team, and the New Deal.

But then they just totally reneged on the New Deal.  “We are going to bring payroll in line with revenue”, that was what they always talked about when referring to what was going to happen once they got their new publicly funded stadium.  So what happened?  If they could actually prove that total revenue only added up to $35,720,400, I for one would love to see that accounting.   Instead I’m afraid I will just have to settle for day dreaming about what could have been.

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An Educational Report on Jeffrey Loria’s Swindling

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RATMarlins Team on NBC South Florida

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Unbelievable Night At Marlins Park (Rage Against Team Kicked Out)



So as documented in the Sun Sentinel,, The Palm Beach Post,,, and MiamiNewTimes:,0,3775460.column

We the members of the Team went to the game tonight, and were promptly thrown out before we ever made it to our seats, for no reason that was given to us at all.

As soon as we entered the concourse we were approached by Dave Hyde from The Sun-Sentinel and Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post because our shirts and sign caught their eye. As soon as we started talking to them police officers approached and stood over our shoulder as we were interviewed. One officer can be seen in the background of our picture talking on his radio. At one point he leaned in and abruptly asked ” Are we almost done here!” So we finished our interviews and started walking to our seats.

Marlins security personnel immediately started following us. Its was soon after this, as we were approaching our section, that a police officer stopped us. He said “I need you all to wait right here”, then talked to someone on the on his radio. Seconds later there were 4 more police officers all around us. when we asked what we had done wrong the police said they didn’t know. All the police knew was that “Someone” wanted us to wait there. They said a marlins representative wanted to talk to us. After 10 minutes of no representative showing up, they led us down a flight of stairs and out the door. It was at this point, standing on the sidewalk outside the stadium, that we were FIRST asked for our I.D. Being that we were already kicked out we refused and walked away from them. They followed us for a few minutes until we were off the property.

After the Game David Sampson Said this to the Media:


“We got information from the police that they’d run into a couple of fans who were walking around holding signs that were fine. That was not the issue. They were drawing some attention to themselves. Making some noise later in the game, which is not uncommon,’’ Samson said.

“As per standard operating procedure, the police go up, try to tell them to calm down and they did not. Then the police said, ‘Show me ID’ and they did not. And that was it. You have to show ID when asked. So they were ejected.”



How were we “making some noise later in the game and being unruly” when it was the SECOND INNING and we hadn’t even reached our seats! Later in the game was when we were driving home on I-95 talking to Dave Hyde (something Dave Hyde has already mentioned in his article). He also mentioned this “They said after being ejected they were asked for identification and refused to show any. (This was updated after an e-mail sent by Gardner this morning, writing, “Just for the record, we were kicked out before we were ever asked for ID. Not giving ID had nothing to do with it! … They only started demanding ID’s after we were already out of the stadium.”)

We were drawing no more attention to ourselves than anyone else casually walking to our seats, people wanted pictures with us and thought the sign and our shirts were awesome, how was that our fault?

The entire time we were dealing with the cops we remained calm and composed. At one point one officer said, “Its not us its from above, if it was up to me you guys would go free.”

So to make it sound like we got kicked out because we would not calm down and not show ID is a lie. David Sampson also implied that we had drank too much but we hadn’t even gotten to our seats. We had no time to drink!!! Not like we would pay for drinks there anyway.  I wish we could go to court over this.

Upon leaving they demanded our Id’s, we refused, but its not like we could have stayed if we had given them, we were already downstairs and outside the stadium at that point.

Typical Marlins BS  Jeff Loria needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People Need To Be Treated With Respect, this is America Freedom of Speech

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Could Loria be the Worst Owner in Sports?

“Now that the 2013 baseball season is under way, let’s take a moment to commemorate the first anniversary of one of the biggest shakedowns in the history of the game — and the con artist who pulled it off: Jeffrey Loria.” - Jonathon Mahler

Jonathan Mahler is a sports columnist for Bloomberg View. He is the author of the best-selling “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning,” the basis for the eight-part ESPN mini-series. He is also a longtime contributor to the New York Times Magazine and the Times Book Review, Mahler has written for numerous other publications including the Washington Post, Slate, the New Republic and New York magazine.

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Congratz to Naked BP Red the first win is always a Special Win!

The Marlins win, and for one friday evening  this season everone can feel good.  For real fans its nice to see one of our own reach a mile stone!

I used to call him Red Dog…!

Now I call him Naked BP Red! or NBPR! (pronounced N BeePeer!)

Whatever you call him, tonight you call him a winner!

One down 54 more to go…


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Thoughts From Todays Game 4/4/13

  • Since the season cannot be truly successful, thanks jeff loria, I have to lower the bar of my standards to some new obtainable goal.  Therefore I have arbitrarily decided that if the marlins new 23 year old catcher Rob Brantly is successful then the season was a success.  Of course if he is too good we will just trade him when it becomes time to pay him what he’s worth, but that’s speculation anxiety and quite silly at the moment given our current state.
  • The shortstops name does not fit on his uniform.
  • Is there any way we could create a charity where people could donate money that would go into an escrow account that could only by accessed by the Marlins if they would use it to actually up their current payroll by the amount they withdrew?
  • I still Love Juan Pierre.
  • The last team to only score 1 run in the first three games of the season until today was the 1988 Baltimore Orioles who went on to start the season 0 – 21 and finish with 54 wins.  I think that 55 wins should definitely be the realistic goal for this year.
  • Whoever had the notion to only have 1 left handed pitcher in the bullpen was Brilliant.  All that righty lefty match up stuff is for big boy organizations, obviously something we shouldn’t be concerning ourselves with.  Plus that double switch can be quite tricky, and we wouldn’t want  good old Naked BP Red (manager Mike Redmond used to take indoor batting practice in the nude to break losing streaks and provide luck) to have to get all confused and use the Managers Manuel so often, now would we?
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