Thoughts From Todays Game 4/4/13

  • Since the season cannot be truly successful, thanks jeff loria, I have to lower the bar of my standards to some new obtainable goal.  Therefore I have arbitrarily decided that if the marlins new 23 year old catcher Rob Brantly is successful then the season was a success.  Of course if he is too good we will just trade him when it becomes time to pay him what he’s worth, but that’s speculation anxiety and quite silly at the moment given our current state.
  • The shortstops name does not fit on his uniform.
  • Is there any way we could create a charity where people could donate money that would go into an escrow account that could only by accessed by the Marlins if they would use it to actually up their current payroll by the amount they withdrew?
  • I still Love Juan Pierre.
  • The last team to only score 1 run in the first three games of the season until today was the 1988 Baltimore Orioles who went on to start the season 0 – 21 and finish with 54 wins.  I think that 55 wins should definitely be the realistic goal for this year.
  • Whoever had the notion to only have 1 left handed pitcher in the bullpen was Brilliant.  All that righty lefty match up stuff is for big boy organizations, obviously something we shouldn’t be concerning ourselves with.  Plus that double switch can be quite tricky, and we wouldn’t want  good old Naked BP Red (manager Mike Redmond used to take indoor batting practice in the nude to break losing streaks and provide luck) to have to get all confused and use the Managers Manuel so often, now would we?
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