Congratz to Naked BP Red the first win is always a Special Win!

The Marlins win, and for one friday evening  this season everone can feel good.  For real fans its nice to see one of our own reach a mile stone!

I used to call him Red Dog…!

Now I call him Naked BP Red! or NBPR! (pronounced N BeePeer!)

Whatever you call him, tonight you call him a winner!

One down 54 more to go…


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2 comments on “Congratz to Naked BP Red the first win is always a Special Win!
  1. Karl says:

    I am truly hoping the Miami Monorails (that’s what I call them now because their new logo really looks more like a monorail on a track than a fish) win under 20 games this season. For years I was a Mets fan because we didn’t have a team down here in South Florida. Then, finally, we got one so I switched to support the local team. I was ticked off to no end with the 1998 fire sale after basking in the glory that the Marlins won the World Series, but I stuck with them. Then it happened all over again in 2003 and I was livid! I slowly stopped going to games over time and really lost interest in baseball. Then they pulled the wool over the eyes of the city of Miami with their sob stories and crying poverty (lies, lies, lies, yeah) and got a stadium built in Little Havana on the former Orange Bowl site, changed the name of the team, changed the logo to the Monorail and they lost me as a fan, completely, for good (or as long as Loria is the owner and his sidekick Samson keeps lying through his teeth) as ownership and management knows absolutely nothing about how to run a team. They could care less about baseball and are in it only to milk as much money as possible. How many professional sports teams cook the books like Hollywood studios even as they rake in millions of dollars, they still can manage to show on paper that a movie or sports team is unprofitable?

    I’m done with the Monorails until Loria is run out of town on his artsy fartsy arse, dragging his wee-lad Samson with him and we get a genuine owner who cares more about the game than the green paper that they are stuffing hand over fist into their greedy little pockets.

    • J-Master says:

      Hey Karl we totally agree and is why we created this site, please continue to come here and force your frustrations, however we do ask that you stay with this team, we will outlast this ownership! If we can make it miserable enough for them as owners they will be forced to sell eventually

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