Unbelievable Night At Marlins Park (Rage Against Team Kicked Out)



So as documented in the Sun Sentinel, CBSsports.com, The Palm Beach Post, Deadspin.com, Thebiglead.com, and MiamiNewTimes:







We the members of the RageAgaisntTheMarlins.com Team went to the game tonight, and were promptly thrown out before we ever made it to our seats, for no reason that was given to us at all.

As soon as we entered the concourse we were approached by Dave Hyde from The Sun-Sentinel and Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post because our shirts and sign caught their eye. As soon as we started talking to them police officers approached and stood over our shoulder as we were interviewed. One officer can be seen in the background of our picture talking on his radio. At one point he leaned in and abruptly asked ” Are we almost done here!” So we finished our interviews and started walking to our seats.

Marlins security personnel immediately started following us. Its was soon after this, as we were approaching our section, that a police officer stopped us. He said “I need you all to wait right here”, then talked to someone on the on his radio. Seconds later there were 4 more police officers all around us. when we asked what we had done wrong the police said they didn’t know. All the police knew was that “Someone” wanted us to wait there. They said a marlins representative wanted to talk to us. After 10 minutes of no representative showing up, they led us down a flight of stairs and out the door. It was at this point, standing on the sidewalk outside the stadium, that we were FIRST asked for our I.D. Being that we were already kicked out we refused and walked away from them. They followed us for a few minutes until we were off the property.

After the Game David Sampson Said this to the Media:


“We got information from the police that they’d run into a couple of fans who were walking around holding signs that were fine. That was not the issue. They were drawing some attention to themselves. Making some noise later in the game, which is not uncommon,’’ Samson said.

“As per standard operating procedure, the police go up, try to tell them to calm down and they did not. Then the police said, ‘Show me ID’ and they did not. And that was it. You have to show ID when asked. So they were ejected.”



How were we “making some noise later in the game and being unruly” when it was the SECOND INNING and we hadn’t even reached our seats! Later in the game was when we were driving home on I-95 talking to Dave Hyde (something Dave Hyde has already mentioned in his article). He also mentioned this “They said after being ejected they were asked for identification and refused to show any. (This was updated after an e-mail sent by Gardner this morning, writing, “Just for the record, we were kicked out before we were ever asked for ID. Not giving ID had nothing to do with it! … They only started demanding ID’s after we were already out of the stadium.”)

We were drawing no more attention to ourselves than anyone else casually walking to our seats, people wanted pictures with us and thought the sign and our shirts were awesome, how was that our fault?

The entire time we were dealing with the cops we remained calm and composed. At one point one officer said, “Its not us its from above, if it was up to me you guys would go free.”

So to make it sound like we got kicked out because we would not calm down and not show ID is a lie. David Sampson also implied that we had drank too much but we hadn’t even gotten to our seats. We had no time to drink!!! Not like we would pay for drinks there anyway.  I wish we could go to court over this.

Upon leaving they demanded our Id’s, we refused, but its not like we could have stayed if we had given them, we were already downstairs and outside the stadium at that point.

Typical Marlins BS  Jeff Loria needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People Need To Be Treated With Respect, this is America Freedom of Speech

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28 comments on “Unbelievable Night At Marlins Park (Rage Against Team Kicked Out)
  1. FishFan says:

    What!!!! Those cheats dont even let people sit down, this is america freedom of speech

    • Squish the fish says:

      Need to pick a game & everyone for the cause show up with the same message. I would buy tickets & participate for sure.
      Love the game baseball but hate what they done to the home town team.

      • Jason \'Great White\' (Shark: Earth & Beings Rights Person) says:

        >>>>>Need to pick a game & everyone for the cause show up with the same message. Protesting outside The Stadium (only way I will participate) and participate for sure. Hate the game baseball, for great reasons that include upper managements like these- not even first time for The Miami Marlins, but Love what http://www.RatMarlins.com is trying to do.

    • douggy weimann says:

      How about you people get 0 fans to go to 5 home games

    • Meny says:

      Thank You!!!!!!! I trurned downed down 4 free tix with free parking and coupons to Opening Day!!!! THIS WAS GENIUS THOUGH!!!!! FUCK LORIA!!!!!

    • G-D says:

      Your efforts will be rewarded, marlins fans!

  2. LoriaLeaveNow says:

    Unbelievable!!!! Im glad Dave Hyde and Joe Capozzi wrotes articles about this. Loria is a crook and gets away with murder!!!!

  3. Cynthia Shell says:

    I totally agree. Loria needs to go! Angry that they killed my passion for baseball. ;( I can totally believe they kicked you out. I wish I was beside you. When they moved to Miami they should of just kept going out of state. It would of felt better than to watch them in our backyard of Florida once again, call a team a major league team when they are not. Ugh, I’m angry lol. Every time I begin to speak about the “marlins”, I get angry. My memories of 1997 just goes blank with the anger. The Marlins owners are like old bad, bad, boyfriends. I said it before and will keep saying it. They come into your life, bring you happiness, 1997, oh what joy!, then they leave you and bring you crap. Make it up, saying their sorry, oh, another championship, happiness once again, and, then, and then..they drive over us once again, not with a car but a bulldozer and kill any passion we had left. Killed my passion for sports all together. A business they say, yes I agree, one I can do without these days. Build me a big house and I will let those guys play in my back yard and I would not trade them lol. I went to all those games in 1997, the memories, and also in 1998. I watched our team go through the horrible, being laughed at, hand full of people in the stands. The one usher would always check my ticket to make sure I actually had one, really, with all the fans, that weren’t there they bugged the one that actually paid full price for lower bowl. Ugh. My husband bought those season tickets for me because he knew what a fan I was of Craig Counsell and knew his days were numbered. Yeah, let’s all believe Samson and what’s his name, again, Loria. Ugh, please. Miami you fell for it…are the voters going to fall for it again with the Dolphins? Let these owners pay their own way, and if you cannot deliver what you promised in a product…maybe you are in the wrong business, get out Loria if you do not know how to run a business of baseball. I did, I will not pay your bills for a product you will not deliver. You are like a bad info commercial, your promises are huge and after all the shipping and handling fees are added up your product is just like the crap made in China, Ugh, over priced and falling apart fast! Cya, oh, no I won’t lol.

  4. Anonymous says:

    for those that have tickets and go to the games (I hope not many) the best way to hurt these con artists is to boycott the overpriced fooand beer. Buy your tckets on stub hub or from a scalper outside the stadium.

  5. KevinBrave says:

    Loved your t-shirts and signs, guys!!!

  6. ackmed305 says:

    Lmao.. love what u guys are doing It’s about time someone does something about these robbers!!! Why did they ever take out the orange bowl for this team!! FIRE JEFFREY LORIA!!!!!!!!!!


    1-7 start should sum up how ANOTHER LOSING season this is going to be.. From the looks of it Marlins are gonna hold the record for most losses in MLB history.. I don’t blame the players tho.. LORIA YOU’RE A JOKE!!! SELL THE TEAM ALREADY!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why cant you guys take this to court?

    • Jason \'Great White\' (Shark: Earth & Beings Rights Person) says:

      AWESOME POINT; however, in today’s justice system it is full of Capitalist Republicans who will rule against organizations like these in heart beats, even if it is Illegal.

      What I wonder is why Mr. Brahman NOT suing The Miami Dolphins & Miami Dolphins’ COO Mike Dee for slander- saying he received public funding for his dealerships.

  9. Marv Albert's Suit Kevin Garnett Told Him To Burn says:

    Could be worse.
    Could be a Detroit Lions fan.
    Or a New York Mets Fan.
    Or British.
    Or Me.

  10. Shawn Lee says:

    …being in San Francisco, and having grown up in Boston, where with a few exceptions, a good product was put on the field, I really feel for the people of south Florida. The only thing I can suggest is for RAGE to stand outside the park, and offer an alternative to the people going to the park. Sooner or later, the league will HAVE to notice what is going on there. And this whole being booted out thing just ranks me to the core. Best of luck, Marlin fans.

    • MarkFL says:

      Shawn, I would point out that the Giants financed their own stadiums, rather than leaving the taxpayer foot the bill.

      I’m glad I live in Broward so I’m not paying for this con job.

  11. JohnQSportsfan says:

    Wow. What a tool this Loria guy is.

    You want to fight back, hit him in the pocketbook. Best way I can think of is to accumulate a list of advertisers on Marlins radio and TV broadcasts, and send them letters asking them to withdraw their advertising support. In the letter, give them a month to remove their advertising or fans will start a boycott. Use sites like this to create a page called “Friends of Jeff and Dave”, and list every advertiser who continues to make the broadcasting rights to this debacle of an ownership group worth anything. And don’t forget Radio Mambi and the rest of the Marlins broadcasting network. If advertisers are boycotted or get negative publicity because they advertise on Marlins baseball, they probably won’t hang in there forever waiting for morale to improve. Advertisers have real low tolerances for an angry public and negative publicity.

    If you make the protest about business and corporations, it will also cast the enterprise in the proper light of being aloof, uncaring businessmen with no concern about the satisfaction of their customers. Honestly, a boycott of the games (staying home and not buying tickets) won’t work that well….there are enough fans of the visiting team that will show up at the games, as well as businesspeople looking for a place to entertain clients (not to mention the giveaway tickets that the organization will distribute to make it look like there are people in the stadium). Boycotting advertisers and making sponsorship of Marlins baseball something with unpleasant business consequences is probably the most financially noticeable way to make a point.

    • Jason \'Great White\' (Shark: Earth & Beings Rights Person) says:

      >>>>>Boycotting advertisers and making sponsorship of Marlins baseball something with unpleasant business consequences is probably the most financially noticeable way to make a point.<<<<<

      I COULD NOT AGREE MORE & AS I STATED BEFORE I DO IT AS WELL, but as I stated before, as a long time and multiple causes I can tell you for sure enjoying what you are protesting against DOES NOT WORK AND WILL NEVER WORK.

  12. Jason 'Great White' (Shark: Earth & Beings Rights Person) says:

    I am going to post this here and send this same message personally to you guys.
    I am glad someone has started protesting, campaigning and created such a website; however, as a Earth & Beings Rights Protester who has organized campaigns (with protesting and petition drives) for more than a decade and that has listened to The Joe Rose Show (unfortunately, the best sports radio show), http://www.ThomHartmann.com (the best political radio show and smartest person in politics) and http://www.BillMoyers.com (the best political TV show and best Journalist in The USA- 30+-Emmys) for decades, I have found many mistakes you have made:

    Joe Rose said right after your interview with him that he is going to talk BaseBall & Miami Marlins, because there are people that like BaseBall, I am NOT one of them- The MLB & Miami Marlins are The Most Capitalist Professional Sport Organizations I can think of. I am sorry, knowing you are at least Miami Marlins’ fans; however, talking BaseBall to such a small amount of South Florida BaseBall fans (look at average season’s attendance & Etc.) and for Joe Rose being a fan of BaseBall ONLY PROP UPS FAILING THE FLORIDA MARLINS.*

    The truth is Joe Rose is a Capitalist Bought Clown in an empty suit when it comes to all the sports organizations we can think of and knowledge of sports. That is why he has to rely on talking to so called “Experts” (Sports Agent Drew Rosenhouse is the worse example) and representatives of Sports Organizations (The Miami Dolphins’ COO Mike Dee is perfect example of this) who only go on shows where hosts will let them use LIES & BS, to manipulate the public.

    Perfect example of the type of BOUGHT & CAPITALIST host that Joe Rose is, is when The Miami Dolphins’ COO Mike Dee first came on The Joe Rose Show to discuss The Miami Dolphins’ Capitalist upper management welfare to nearly half way fund The Miami Dolphins’ Joe Robbie Stadium’s roof (no matter what it is) and improvements (for the wealthier fans enjoyment), Joe Rose asked the listeners to text in their questions for The Miami Dolphins’ COO Mike Dee, I sent in 5+-texts (as I have done many years of the past on many different sports subjects and had read on the air- Jason ‘Great White’ or ‘Great White’, from Redland or Redlands). The 5+-texts were sent in with 20-mins. before the interview-during the interview (some texts addressed the FUCKING BS he put out there and Joe Rose refusing to ask necessary/obvious challenging questions), after spending at least 20-mins. trying to call in- but my call was never picked up. During the interview he was asked only 5-texted and truly easy questions (as you might have guessed never one of mine) and one of those texts was even about the logo (the interview was communicated and setup only to be about asking for public welfare).

    You should NOT have went on The Joe Rose Show, I mentioned http://www.ThomHartmann.com (the best and most popular political radio show and smartest person in politics) and http://www.BillMoyers.com (the best and most popular political TV show and best Journalist in The USA- 30+-Emmys) because those are your best options. Plus, for a print option http://www.NewTimes.com, is your best option. The reason they are your best options, because they will NOT manipulate the listeners, watchers and readers (before and after your segment) and you.

    *- You should NEVER actually step into The Miami Marlins’ Stadium (let alone as fans and to watch games) and instead MUST always protest outside of The Miami Marlins’ Stadium, that is 101 of protesting something. People who do this appear to be hypocrites to people not on your side and actually are hypocrites. Not only that people who do this give financial and image support to do keep doing what they do.
    I am former HS FootBall Ass. Coach and lifelong & diehard FootBall (Miami Dolphins & Miami Hurricanes) fan, who many years ago watched Miami Dolphins & Hurricanes scrimmages & games in ‘The Orange Bowl’ (once with the now gone ‘Homestead Hurricanes’ PWFL team & my dad & once a Christmas gift to my dad and uncles) & ‘The Joe Robbie Stadium’ (once with my dad Dolphins containing Lions’ & ScatBack played HB Barry Sanders) to win & closest full of merchandise of both Dolphins & Hurricanes, and yet, after The NFL NOT lifelong banning Michael ‘Serial Dog Torture & Murder’ Vick & The Miami Hurricanes NOT working with and financially helping City of Miami with fixing the now gone ‘Orange Bowl’, & the prices for both of their tickets have gotten way too expensive, I have ONLY:
    Created campaigns to tell The NFL & The Miami Dolphins & The Univ. of Miami & The Miami Hurricanes & The MLB & The Miami Marlins that-
    With ScatBack at QB Michael ‘Serial Dog Torture & Murder’ Vick back in The NFL,
    ‘The Orange Bowl’ gone
    Replaced with a publicly funded BaseBall Stadium

    That the signees (many and many of them) will never pay another red/blood cent for anything NFL & Miami Dolphins, Univ. of Miami & Miami Hurricanes & MLB & Miami Marlins,
    I also protested when The Philadelphia Eagles & ScatBack at QB Michael ‘Serial Dog Torture & Murder’ Vick came to play in Joe Robbie Stadium.
    I have yet since bought anything connected with them, my family members have felt like it is so strange that they have done so, which I have expressed I did not want them to. My dad has even given up The NFL Games Package because of its costs and my feeling bad about having to watch (with my dad, as he paid to The NFL & The Miami Dolphins); we had it consecutively for as long as it has existed. It was a crutch, when you no longer go to games and you realize watching the games on TV are A LOT better experience.


    Lastly & equally important, PLAN ahead of time before you protest!! I have had city and state police threaten many with arrests for just protesting countless times and the same if I did not protest the way they wanted.
    Some things that are musts, if you do NOT already know and obviously did NOT do:
    Talk to the city police’s zoning officer, of where you are going protest, and get his cellphone number & the laws to protesting at that city. In the case of The City of Miami Gardens’ The Miami Dolphins Joe Robbie Stadium there are no restricting LAWS; you are treated like an average citizen with Human Rights. Also, talk with and get the highest city police officer’s cellphone number; then when ANY POLICE OR EVENT EMPLOYEE TELLS YOU SOMETHING THAT IS WRONG, YOU TELL HIM YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, EXPLAIN THE CORRECTION TO HIM OR HER AND OFFER TO GIVE THEM THEIR SUPPURIOR’S & THE CITY POLICE’S ZONING OFFICER’S CELLPHONE NUMBERS. IF THEY ATTEMPT TO CONTINUE, THEN YOU CALL THEIR SUPERIOR POLICE OFFICER’s CELLPHONE NUMBER.



  13. Jack says:

    I’m a huge RATM fan, so I love the reference in your website title! The stupidity of this team’s current ownership is breathtaking. Clearly they were trying to keep your sign and shirts off of the TV. Now they’ve just succeeded in not only getting you on TV, but with interview time as well! Nice job Mr. Loria.

    Btw, it also sounds like your civil rights may have been violated by this whole thing. If you would like to talk more on that subject matter, shoot me an email.

  14. Pete says:

    The petition is silly. I don’t want my government passing laws telling people what business they can/can’t own just because they are unpopular.

    Loria is a scumbag and the Marlins are trash. If you want him to sell then just don’t go to the game. Yet you guys are still going to the games. Seems counterproductive. I’m not stepping foot in that stadium while these clowns own the team. Anyone with a brain knew what they were about BEFORE we built them a stadium. Yet you guys and 34,000 other people in this town still went on opening day and lined his pockets.

    Honestly after that, this town deserves this owner.

    • J-Master says:

      Um with investigation you would learn we did not pay for our parking, scalped tickets that were already paid for, and bought nothing there. None of our money went to Loria!

      Also you keep doing nothing and we will keep doing what we are doing and we will see who helps bring about change first. Thanks for coming to our site.

    • Petes Afool says:

      Hey Pete, if you feel how you say you do, that the Marlins are trash and blah blah blah, then why do you even bother coming to the site? I mean, thanks for bumping up the total views/ activity, it does nothing but help the cause.

      But on another note, you’re still a fool.

  15. Pierre R says:

    You mean Jeffrey GROS RAT!

  16. Babe Ruth says:

    Jeff Loria and his family are no longer welcome in Canada OR the US!!!

  17. Rhonda Barnes says:

    WOW. Seriously? The owner should face charges for what they did to you guys.

    I know nothing about baseball, nothing about the Marlins. This story came up as a featured news item on my Google+, and when I read it, I became soooo angry! That owner had zero- ZERO – right to do that to you. This is another example of America no longer being “…of the people, by the people, for the people.” This proves that America is now “of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.” It’s bullshit!

    You paid your money, assembled peacefully, but because some rich asshole didn’t like your T-shirts, you were given criminal treatment. I am so, so sorry, y’all.

    America, are we DONE with the wrong people getting their way yet? Time to stop being so apathetic. Time to stand UP! Whether it’s at a baseball game, or in our government, the wrong people (rich, lazy assholes who are completely out of touch with the rest of us) have been in charge for far too long. Have we not had ENOUGH??!!

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