Marlins Lone Bright Spot Brings Up Questions About What Could Have Been

If there is a lone bright spot to the start of this dismal 2013 Marlins campaign it would have to be the sensational 20 year old rookie starting pitcher Jose Fernandez.  What would make his initial success even more encouraging for Marlins fans would be if this lone bright spot actually came from one of the trades, that purged all of teams superstar talent last year, but unfortunately no dice folks he was signed out of high school in the first round of the 2011 major league draft.  The good news being it finally looks like Larry Beinfest chose a draft pick that will stick.

Regardless of how the team got him, his immediate success brings up an unfortunate hypothetical.  What if the Marlins hadn’t purged their entire roster last year?  What if they had only gotten rid of some of the dead weight, and reinvested that money wisely?  What if they had a John Buck tearing up the league like he currently is right now?  What if they had a Jose Reyes without a blown up ankle?  And a Josh Johnson, and a Mark Buehrle, and a Anibal Sanchez, and a Omar Infante, and a Emilio Bonifacio?  What if they had a Hanley Ramirez coming back in addition to a Logan Morrison coming back?  What if they had a real offense, and a real major league rotation all settling in to a ballpark that they were finally comfortable with?  This line of thinking then leads one to a more interesting question of what if Jose Fernandez was currently where he should be in this stage of his development, in AA ball lighting it up?  Could he have been a mid season call up that solidified an already stellar rotation?  Could he have been the next Dontrelle Willis of this era, propelling Miami Baseball to a successful season, and a new legitimate future?

Unfortunately all that’s Speculation Fubar at this point in time.  Those with little vision pulled the plug way too early, and professional baseball in South Florida  has been irrevocably changed forever because of it.

The saddest thing is I was really feeling everything they were trying to do with the New Stadium, the New Look, the New Manager, the New Team, and the New Deal.

But then they just totally reneged on the New Deal.  “We are going to bring payroll in line with revenue”, that was what they always talked about when referring to what was going to happen once they got their new publicly funded stadium.  So what happened?  If they could actually prove that total revenue only added up to $35,720,400, I for one would love to see that accounting.   Instead I’m afraid I will just have to settle for day dreaming about what could have been.

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2 comments on “Marlins Lone Bright Spot Brings Up Questions About What Could Have Been
  1. mike says:

    I agree that’s something to think about. I agreed with the Hanley trade I was ready to move on from him plus Reyes didn’t turn it on till he was gone, plus I like the upside of Evoldi(?). But you’re right we now will never know. Hopefully Loria will go broke this year and sell the team.

  2. mike says:

    I’m not a huge supporter of Beinfest but I have to feel sorry for him. I bet he could do a very good job if he didn’t have 2 weasels meddling with everything he does. He just ends up taking the blame for his bosses.

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