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Marlins Find Themselves Home Alone Preaching Patience to the Empty Seats

Via the New York Times by Tyler Kepner Why should we be PATIENT we’ve been PATIENT for 20 years now!!!!! The whole reason everyone looked the other way when the county of Dade made the worst deal in the

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Sincerely, The Fans

This letter was submitted by LauderdaleLocal on our Fan Forum where you can Post Your Own Rage. LETTER TO FROM THE FANS It’s no secret that your open letter has been poorly received by both the media and the fans

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Marlins Lone Bright Spot Brings Up Questions About What Could Have Been

If there is a lone bright spot to the start of this dismal 2013 Marlins campaign it would have to be the sensational 20 year old rookie starting pitcher Jose Fernandez.  What would make his initial success even more encouraging

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Unbelievable Night At Marlins Park (Rage Against Team Kicked Out)

  So as documented in the Sun Sentinel,, The Palm Beach Post,,, and MiamiNewTimes:,0,3775460.column We the members of the Team went to the game tonight, and were promptly thrown out before

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Congratz to Naked BP Red the first win is always a Special Win!

The Marlins win, and for one friday evening  this season everone can feel good.  For real fans its nice to see one of our own reach a mile stone! I used to call him Red Dog…! Now I call him Naked BP Red!

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Thoughts From Todays Game 4/4/13

Since the season cannot be truly successful, thanks jeff loria, I have to lower the bar of my standards to some new obtainable goal.  Therefore I have arbitrarily decided that if the marlins new 23 year old catcher Rob Brantly

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Marlins Remain Scoreless, Lose 2nd Straight To Nats

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Inaugural Rage

For almost all of the Marlins history the South Florida area has been regarded nationally as a bad baseball town, where interest in baseball simply just does not reside, and it is implied that it is those who live there

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