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  1. roto says:

    Attendance on opening night…you should save the image and add it to this page:

    Good job with this site! Keep it up. BOYCOTT THE MIAMI MARLINS UNTIL LORIA IS GONE!

  2. Pete says:

    Check out loria and Samson’s Wikipedia pages.
    Looks like they will be competing in the great sea races at the ballpark.

  3. Paul S. says:

    As a Braves fan, I hurt for you guys. Sincerely. I mean it. What a farce.

  4. Jeff in WPB says:

    Look, it is a beautiful business model. MLB had to guaranty the $120million loan to buy the team from John Henry. No skin off his back.

    He gets the $ from MLB on the tax paid by the big spenders, putting out so little that was it 3-4 years ago MLB and the players union but the heat on him to actually spend some of the luxery tax.

    He gets the city and the county to put up their $ for the stadium.

    With luxury tax, TV revenue, merchandise revenue, and what meager pennies he gets from parking and concessions on a slow night, he has a guaranteed profit in the millions every year no matter what. He might even do better by not allowing anyone into the park and avoid the AC and water bills.

    So, really, can’t you tip your hat to the ultimate snake oil salesman?

    Jeff, in WPB, who used to live in Miami
    and knows real well that the move to the OB site
    meant the end attending a game; that extra 20-40
    min from Golden Glades to the park makes a night
    game impossible

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